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If you are here it means you are a parent with a desire to improve and find a better way to discipline and deal with your children.  There are no easy answers, but hopefully some of the content and ideas on this website can help make your parenting journey more enjoyable and fulfilling.

I started this website in January of 2015 to make my parenting knowledge and experience available to others.  I’ve read many books, tried out many theories, and had 16 years of experience.  Throughout those years I’ve kept notes about what works and what doesn’t, what research has shown that is not intuitive, and what I feel is very important for parents to know and understand.  I wanted to go through all this information methodically and put it in a form that could be accessed by other parents and by my own daughters when they are mothers.

To say there’s a “better way” doesn’t imply your way is not good or right. You have specific gifts and talents that you bring to parenting, and you should identify those and celebrate them. But natural instinct or intuition doesn’t always lead to the behavior we want from our children.  We are all amateurs in this adventure called parenting. Natural responses lead us to say things we don’t mean, overreact, and go to bed frustrated and exhausted thinking, “There’s got to be a better way!”

I’ve spent my motherhood career trying to discover and perfect that better way. Through reading, research, observation, and experiment, I’ve figured out some basic principles (which aren’t necessarily easy to implement) that have made parenting the greatest joy of my life. I’d like to share this experience and knowledge with you, so that you can find the better way.

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There are posts on this website about many different topics.  If you’re new, you can start with the basics.  These Basic Principles can be applied in many different situations and can give you a framework for your overall parenting philosophy.  Some of the information is geared more toward parents of small children (2-8), but the ideas can be easily applied to parenting older children as well, the language just might be a little different.

When you are frustrated or feeling you’re not making any headway, refer back these Basic Principles.  Review each one and find places where you can improve.  No matter what is going right or wrong in that moment you can feel assured that you have an overall plan in your parenting, general goals for what kind of parent you want to be, and principles to fall back on when you’re not sure what to do.

To see a list of all posts (in my order of importance), click here.  I also have a page called There’s a Better Way to Say It, which lists helpful parenting sentences for you to review and practice.  For posts specifically dealing with parenting teens, click here. Finally, here’s a link to Parenting Books I’ve enjoyed and would recommend.


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