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There are posts on this website about many different topics, but if you’re new to the blog, you can start with the basics.  These basic principles can be applied in many different situations and can give you a framework to make your parenting decisions.  Some of the information is geared more toward parents of small children (2-8) but the ideas can be easily applied to parenting older children as well, the language just might be a little different. Also, I will be adding posts each week with additional information, so check back often!

When you are frustrated or feeling you’re not making any headway, remember these basic principles.  Review each one and find places where you can improve.  No matter what is going right or wrong in that moment you can feel assured that you have an overall plan in your parenting, general goals for what kind of parent you want to be, and principles to fall back on when you’re not sure what to do.

Explain Expectations

Positive Ways to Speak to Your Child, Part I

Positive Ways to Speak to Your Child, Part II

Positive Ways to Speak to Your Child, Part III

Positive Reinforcement

Stop and Redirect

Parenting without Irritation

Stay Close to Your Children


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