Why “Better Way”?

To say there’s a “better way” doesn’t imply your way is not good or right. You have specific gifts and talents that you bring to parenting, and you should identify those and celebrate them. But our natural instincts or intuition doesn’t always lead to the child behavior we want when we are all amateurs in this adventure called parenting. Natural responses lead us to say things we don’t mean, overreact, and go to bed at night frustrated and exhausted thinking, “There’s got to be a better way!” 
I’ve spent my motherhood career trying to discover and perfect that better way. Through reading, research, observation and experiment, I’ve figured out some basic principles (which aren’t necessarily easy to implement) that have made parenting the greatest joy of my life. I’d like to share this experience and knowledge with you, so that you can find the better way.

The first ten or so posts on the blog contain what I think is the most important information.  Links to these can be found under Basic Principles.  I will be adding posts each week with additional information, so check back often!

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